Monday, July 12, 2010

Study in Antigua

12 Julio, 2010
Today our kids attended lectures, studied and wrote tests again from morning until 6:00 P.M (with breaks of course).
Professor Claire Dallies, Helen Mills and Ryan Burwell gave an interdisciplinary slide presentation and inspired many questions from the group.
Tomorrow we will travel to Guatemala City to the garbage dump.  The people from Camino Seguro (Safe Passages) will lead our class on a tour of the largest dump in the Americas and explain how many generations of Guatemalans are born, raised and ultimately die, here, at their home at the dump. The city is dependent on the people of the dump. 
Camino Seguro's mission statement is to combat poverty through education.The families of Safe Passage children scavenge through the Guatemala City Dump for items to resell. The organization works to enroll these children in the public schools.
This will be an emotional day for our kids.  It is truly a devastating existence.  I leave this post with a photo of the Mayan priest who led us in prayer at a temple cave in Chisec.  It was a prayer of healing that has been recited for over two thousand years.

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