Sunday, July 18, 2010

I hope Kate has kept us up to date....

We have had a spectacular time.  I would be adding exclamation points if they were findable on this latin keyboard.  We spent two amazing days on Lake Atitlan at Casa del Mundo near Panajachel. We all zip-lined hundreds of feet above the canopy at the  Atitlan Nature Reserve. A twenty minute boat ride took us to a pristine point on the lake that is only accessible by water.  There are several stories of stairs and rooms dotting the mountainside.  The view of the three volcanoes and the lake is unspeakably beautiful.  While the kids were trapped in classes I was able to jump on a boat and beat it back to the mainland where I toured the Atitlan Multicultural Academy with Vice Principal, Reuban Gonzalez.  This was followed by lunch and a cerveza.

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