Friday, July 23, 2010

Coatepeque - The Access Education Project at La Union

We were meant to be painting a new addition of the school that was built with funds from Access Education.  We pulled up to the school on Saturday expecting paint and the principal.  They definitely had other ideas.
There were 250 children in uniform and their parents waiting for us in assembly chairs.  There was a stage set up and when we walked through the court-yard the applause began. They were there to thank us.
We were treated, for the next two hours, to presentations from all the children.  There was marimba dancing, a demonstration by primary children of how the corn is tilled in the fields and a lot of singing.
The Minister of Education spoke and I had a chance to say a few words.  I took our kids up on to the stage to show the village that we are all the same when we persevere and when we work together.  Our kids served as a testament to change.  They were extremely engaged and changed by this display.  That day we announced that La Union would now begin offering Basico (middle school) as of January in addition to Primary school.  This is a HUGE deal.
Afterwords we did indeed paint the school, played soccer (Mario rocks) and we took a foot tour of La Union and in fact visited relatives.

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