Saturday, July 3, 2010

Colonialism and lost luggage!

We had an incredible day today! We started the day with a walking tour of Antigua with Professor Way. The kids learned about colonialism, the German Peasant Wars, mercantilism, and drew a metaphysical and at times physical line from the conquest to the genocide of the Maya people during the 1980's and early 1990's. During lunch the sky opened with the daily deluge and I appropriately left for the airport to find the missing luggage myself.

I did indeed find the 12 missing bags and somehow managed to stuff them into a very small Renault. There was not room for a hamster.....

The kids spent the afternoon in class time and at this hour they are just finishing their studies.

We will have dinner and an early night as tomorrow is the long bus ride to the Peten (8 hours).

They are having a great time - especially now that they have clean clothes.

Hopefully Kate will have some pictures or posting on her blog soon:

Giselle Wenban is doing a great job running the video camera. We will try to upload to youtube perhaps.

Hablamos pronto!


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