Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost ready to go.....

Students and teachers from the Toronto New School are pumped!!!
We have three days to go of intense study at school before departing on our life transforming expedition to Guatemala!
We will link up with teachers and Professor John T. Way from the Atitlan Multicultural Academy  and wind our way through the Peten, Alta Vera Paz, Lake Atitlan and finally - Coatepeque (La Union) where we will do service work with the kids at Access Education's School. 

Our courses in world politics, human bio and especially environmental science will put us face to face with flora, fauna and fantastic animals..  Hey....while you're at it - check out my friend Nathan Richer's fantastic animal facts site:

Stay tuned and stay tuned to student Kate's blog at :

Hasta Pronto !!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Toronto New School takes it on the road to Guatemala!!!

The Toronto New School takes it on the road to Guatemala with Access Education and the Atitlan Multicultural Academy!
Students from the Toronto New School ( will be traveling to Guatemala in a matter of weeks to study: Environmental Science, Grade 12 Biology and World Issues!!!

These credit courses will be taught in the context of a cross country tour led by teachers from TNS as well as the Atitlan Multicultural Academy under the auspices of Dr. John T. Way.
We are also fortunate to have Helen Mills of the Lost Rivers Project as a facilitator.

We will conclude the tour in La Union, Coatepeque, Guatemala at the school supported by Access Education Guatemalan Children's Fund.  The addition to the school is complete and ready for TNS students to paint! Stay tuned throughout our journey!