Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today we took another huge metaphysical, existential and historic turn to ChiChi.
Chichicastenango is the centre of the Maya universe.  Although the government and temples were and are located in Tikal, Chichi was and is the spiritual centre.  This is where the Popal Vuh originated. 
Sunday and Thursday are market days and this is the largest market in Guatemala.  The Maya people come from hundreds of kilometers around to bring their goods to market.

This is an intense experience.  There are two churches at each end of the market.  San Tomas y Calvary.  San Tomas has historic roots with the Maya and to this day shares the church with the Catholics.  The Maya make sacrifices of flowers and corn on the steps of the church and make similar offerings inside.  The rectory of the San Tomas church was a place of torture during the civil war.
On Sunday the priest does Mass and quickly turns his back as the Maya people start moving in their offerings.
Between these two churches there are hundreds of vendors selling hand made clothing, pottery, and jewellery to the public.

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