Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ontario Students travel to Guatemala to earn a Grade 12 Credit and do community service at Access Education!

Access Education Guatemala Children's Fund is delighted that High School Unplugged is taking off to Guatemala with 6 Canadian students and meeting up with more Guatemalan high school students for a month of discovery, experiencial learning and adventure.

High School Unplugged Travel Abroad Inc. is running this program through Metropolitan Preparatory Academy (Metro Prep).
We are grateful to Wayne McKelvey and the staff of Metro Prep.

The students will criss cross Guatemala for 28 days while they study a grade 12 Ontario Course on
Interdisciplinary Studies.  The course will explore the Conquest and follow the Mayan civilization from the past to the present and specifically look at the role of Genocide and crimes against humanity visited upon the people.
We are grateful to have Kate Dickson as our teacher this year along with Ruben Gonzalez and of course me, Adrienne Rosen.
Besides hitting the books the teens will be ziplining through jungle; swimming through caves; experience a Mayan shaman blessing all of us and much more.
This will culminate in a visit to Access Education Guatemala Children's Fund sponsored schools where they will play hockey (not ice) and maybe teach an English class or two.


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