Friday, October 23, 2009

Trip to Guatemala on Wednesday, October 28th

I will be going to La Union, Guatemala on Wednesday, October 28th. Michael Popo Ola, soccer player extraordinaire will be coming along to give two soccer clinics to children at the school.

I will be meeting with the children, the principal - Cora Castillo and the Rotarian administrator of our project - Edna de Pena.
We will view the on-going construction of the school space and review this years numbers for admission to the school.

We are very excited that we will arrive just in time for the grade six graduation.
We will strongly encourage these kids to go on to middle school "Basico" and hopefully we will be able to offer Basico within the village itself by next year.

I personally have sponsored a young woman through High School - Wendy Carina Sales. She will graduate on October 30th with the highest grade in the school.

Felicitaciones to Wendy and her family!!! Next year she is off to University. She will be the only person in the history of her family to go to school beyond grade six. She will be the only person in her village that has ever attended University.

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